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Code 5 Error
when booting from the Windows 7 Install DVD

During the boot from the Windows 7 installation DVD on some PCs the error message "Error Code 5 - can not boot from disk" appears. Affected are primarily computer with older motherboards of the company "AsRock" or "MSI". Other DVDs on these PCs can boot without problems; e.g. from a Windows Vista installation DVD. And the Windows 7 installation DVD is also OK, because this DVD can boot on other computers. Also the replacement of the DVD drive does not help. And booting from the USB stick does not help either. The error seems to be an incompatibility of "AsRock" motherboards with the DVD boot sector used by Microsoft in Windows 7 installation DVD.

Here's a way how to create a new bootable DVD with the free burning program "ImgBurn" which is compatible with the "AsRock" or "MSI" motherboards.

In addition to the burning program "ImgBurn" still requires a proper boot sector. If a Windows Vista boot DVD is available the boot sector can be extracted from this DVD. If no Windows Vista boot DVD is available, the freeware "vLite" can be used. In the program directory of "vLite" there is a suitable file "boot.bin", which is also a compatible boot sector.

After starting "ImgBurn" choose in the overview "Create image file from files/folders":
ImgBurn Code 5 Create image file from files or folders

Insert Windows Vista DVD. On the "Advanced" tab -> "Bootable Disc" -> "Extract Boot Image"
select the appropriate DVD drive and then click on the floppy icon:
ImgBurn Code 5 Extract boot sector

Give the boot sector file a meaningfull name; e.g. "Vista-BootImage.ima":
ImgBurn Code 5 Naming the boot sector file

The next message window will ask whether this file shall be used for the current project
- this saves filling out the above fields manually:
ImgBurn Code 5 Message used for the current project

Thus, the fields under "Make Image Bootable" is automatically filled:
ImgBurn Code 5 Make image bootable

On the "Options" tab, select "ISO9660 + UDF" and activate
the checkbox for "Include Hidden Files" and "Inculde System Files":
ImgBurn Code 5 Option tab select ISO9660 and UDF

On the "Labels" tab add the "Volume Label" for ISO9660 and UDF:
ImgBurn Code 5 Add volume label ISO9660 and UDF

On the "Advanced" tab -> "Restrictions" -> "ISO9660" activate the
checkbox "Don't Add Version Number To Files":
ImgBurn Code 5 Restrictions tab ISO9660

On the "Advanced" tab -> "Restrictions" -> "UDF" nothing needs to be changed:
ImgBurn Code 5 Restrictions tab UDF

Now insert the Windows 7 installation DVD and choose the DVD as source:
ImgBurn Code 5 Choose DVD source

Choose "Destination" ISO file name:
ImgBurn Code 5 Choose destination ISO file name

For creating the ISO file click on the large button:
ImgBurn Code 5 Creating ISO file

After a short analysis the ISO file is created:
ImgBurn Code 5 Analysis of ISO file

After completion of the ISO file select the "Ez-Mode Picker":
ImgBurn Code 5 Ez-Mode Picker

As final step choose "Write image file to disc" in the overview window
to burn the newly created ISO image file to disc:
ImgBurn Code 5 Burn ISO image to disc

Select the just created ISO file as source:
ImgBurn Code 5 Select ISO file as source

After inserting a blank DVD the burning process can now be started with the big button:
ImgBurn Code 5 Burning DVD

ImgBurn Code 5 Burning DVD progress

Source: http://www.unawave.de/windows-7-tipps/code5-error.html?lang=EN

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